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A unique non-profit organization that offers free and accessible yoga classes and workshops for people from all walks of life with the goal of spreading awareness of the true meaning of yoga while promoting overall mind-body-spirit wellness.

2020 was a tough year for many! As society reeled from the Covid-19 crisis, and started to move toward normalcy, another crisis followed on its heels- Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Arva is a unique and innovative approach to providing a relaxing and holistically rejuvenating experience for one and all and for free! Make a positive lifestyle change and take on new challenges for personal growth!

Arva's goal is to improve and help one mind, one body and one soul at a time. A smile on your face is the best payment and your improved health and wellbeing, as well as an appreciation of true meaning of yoga, is our reward! Arva classes, workshops, and events are free for all to benefit from. This is the founder's way of giving back to the society!


 Arva Yoga is an established 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions are tax-deductible! 

Upcoming Events

  • Chakra Balancing Sessions- 7 sessions of 60 min each
    Chakra Balancing Sessions- 7 sessions of 60 min each
    Winter 2023
    Winter 2023
    Doylestown, Doylestown, PA 18901, USA
    Winter 2023
    Doylestown, Doylestown, PA 18901, USA
    If you are a Marvel fan, surely you have heard of the Infinity Stones that grants whoever wields them various powers. Learn about this ancient yoga philosophy of energy centers located in our bodies in this 7 part series. Balancing these energy centers promises to build strength and calm the mind!
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