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You don't pay a dime ever to attend any session (yes, all classes/courses/workshops are free)


You don't need to take a single class to donate any amount (yes, all donations are tax-deductible)

  1. Are all sessions on Arva Yoga free to attend?   Live classes are always free. We want to spread the true meaning of yoga and we truly want all this knowledge to be accessible to all people...keeping our sessions free is one way we have leveled the playing field! When you book a session, you are never asked for a credit card or payment info...never!​​ For some sessions we may cancel if there is less than 3 people signed up. So, share this organization with family and friends so that all can take advantage of these offerings.

  2. But you do accept donations, right? ​Again, you do not need to donate to take a class. Take your 100th class and never pay a single dollar!

    However, if you do wish to donate, know that as an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are tax-deductible!​​ And like all non-profit organizations, we depend on donations to keep our lights on!

  3.  Are you saying that I never need to pay to take a class? Yes, that is correct!​ And most of our offerings are LIVE, FREE and ONLINE too. So, get educated on a particular topic from comfort of your home or take a yoga class in your PJs.

  4. Can I donate even if I do not attend any sessions? ​Yes, please feel free to do that if this cause resonates with youAnd remember that your donation is tax-deductible! We are Guidestar/Candid Platinum recognition for 3 years in a row for transparency. PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card and many more ways to donate toward Arva Yoga. 

  5. ​How does this really work? What's the WIIFM for Arva Yoga? Read all 4 questions and answers above. Exactly the way it's described.​​The mission of the organization is to spread awareness of yoga and continue to do this without charging anyone any money to receive this knowledge. This is exactly like when Yoga philosophy was taught thousands of years ago! There are several amazing organizations and yoga teachers around the world who offer wonderful classes! Arva Yoga is primarily geared toward those who are new to yoga and want to learn a variety of topics to broaden their knowlegde on the subject. We will have dedicated pages for each of our volunteers so that if you want to connect with them and take additional courses or continue your yoga journey with them, Arva Yoga has faciliated as a bridge:)
  6. How does one volunteer on the platform and do you certify volunteer hours?​ If you are a certified teacher who is looking to offer free classes for the community, feel free to contact us  by emailing to express interest. We are now official Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award organization and this means we are approved to begin ordering and recognizing our organization’s volunteers based on their hours of service and age with the appropriate level of recognition. 

If there are questions we have not answered, please reach us at and we will respond within 24-48 hours.

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501(c)(3) Status Approved Non-Profit organization

Arva Yoga offers free and accessible yoga classes and workshops for people from all walks of life with the goal of spreading awareness of the true meaning of yoga while promoting overall mind-body-spirit wellness.

Please email us at to volunteer on the platform by offering a yoga class or workshop on a yoga and wellness related topic. We welcome all those who want to give back to the community!

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