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Recent Participant Feedback across Programs

I found the five day Paranayam course organized by Arva Yoga- very beneficial. I learnt new techniques of segmental breathing and conscious breathing. This has considerably improved my Yoga practice. Arva Yoga organized and conducted the course very professionally. They sent timely instructions and reminders. Their communications are excellent.- Pranayama Program Participant, 2024

Vaibhabhi is excellent yoga guru. I love my weekly sessions. I always felt stronger with her guidance and weekly practice. As a teacher she is enthusiastic, calm and has wonderful voice. Her tailored sessions are great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing and relaxation. I always look forward for her Tuesday and Thursday sessions to regain my energy. Love yoga and best classes with Vaibhabhi.- Tue&Thu Weekday Yoga

I will continue to reflect on the tree of inner strength. Beneficial framework for discovering oneself.- Mini Retreat Woman's Day Special Workshop Participant, 2024

Really appreciate Arva's efforts to inspire a walk a path of a wellbeing.- Leadership Coaching Participant, 2024

I found the season very inspiring. Our teacher Lakshmi Dhanaraj explained the purpose and technique of Pranayam very well and made us practice pranayam a number of times over five days.- Pranayama Session

I loved the self-esteem subject and the tree of inner strength exercise. My first retreat experience was very thought provoking- Mini Retreat Participant

I loved dancing to move emotions. It was really beautiful.- Dance and Movement Participant

I really appreciate Arva and Neelam coming with this session and today I realized the difference between Counselor/Mentor and a Life Coach and how each individual can benefit with a help of a life coach at small or bigger level in their life.- Leadership Coaching Participant Feedback

Great sessions with detailed instructions. I was never into Yoga but Vaibhavi made me love Yoga. She ensures every person is following the instructions not just in in-person sessions but she does does it very effectively virtually too. The app user experience is amazing too. Thanks Arva Yoga!- Tue&Thu Weekday Yoga Participant

Arva Yoga has a Yoga lesson or a Yoga class for everyone. They have exercise and meditation sessions on weekday mornings, evenings, weekends. With their Yoga sessions, I was able to instill the necessary discipline in my routine with much needed daily exercises- Weekend Yoga and Meditation Session participant

Vaibhavi is very knowledgeable yoga teacher. I love all the sessions offered by her. The movement from one asana to another is very fluid and logical. My favorite asana is Moon Salutations. I look forward every Tuesday and Thursday morning for yoga sessions.- Tue&Thu Weekeday Yoga Partcipant

Our Monthly sessions on Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy get innumerable positive comments and these are not included in the selection of feedback for sheer volume purposes

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