We partner with local and international non-profit organizations to provide free and accessible yoga to people from all walks of life!

People often ask us how Arva Yoga can benefit their lives. We like to tell them how it has influenced our own personal lifestyles, but emphasize that it impacts different people in different ways. Read what our satisfied clients thought about their own personal experiences with our organization, the volunteer opportunities we provide as well as the impact it has made on recipients of these programs!

Girl Scout_edited.png

We conducted a 1-hour session with the Girl Scout troop in PA. This session was conducted in a park and was attended by about 10 mom-daughter pairs. After stretching and doing some basic asanas, we introduced pranayama called Lion's breath which had the whole group enjoying and laughing as they did their own Lion's roar/ Simhasana! The session ended with all singing the "Namaste" song. It was a beautiful experience!

Girl Scout Troup PA- May 2022


This was the biggest fundraiser this year for Arva Yoga. We raised over $12K with proceeds benefitting 3 charities focused on women's education cause.

Saree Run 2022 in partnership with Desis of Doylestown