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We partner with local and international non-profit organizations to provide free and accessible yoga to people from all walks of life!

In some cases we provide yoga as service to our partner organizations and in other cases we help raise funds for our partner organizations. In either case, we value these partnerships that help drive our mission forward!

People often ask us how Arva Yoga can benefit their lives or how they can help partner with the organization, as a volunteer or as a beneficiary. Read what our satisfied clients thought about their own personal experiences with our organization, the volunteer opportunities we provide as well as the impact it has made on recipients of these programs!

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"Ideas are worth dime a dozen" said someone who was very wise. Arva Yoga's President had an idea of hosting a Yoga Festival but it was only when these amazing for-profit and non-profit organizations joined forces that the first ever Bucks Mont Yoga Festival idea became a reality. All these organizations are driven by the same mission of spreading Yoga to the World. These organizations are instrumental in the success of the International Yoga Day. A special mention to CIO for without their financial support this festival would not have materialized. 

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In our very first year of inception, we partnered with local Doylestown Township as well as Bucks County chapters of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Girl Scouts to offer free yoga workshops. 

With BBBS, we conducted a 7 session series over a two month period and with Doylestown Township, we offered two sessions of 5 one hour classes each! It was an enriching experience to offer yoga sessions online during COVID and give back to the community!


Saree Run event is our biggest fundraiser where we partner with Desis of Doylestown and raise money for women's causes. Read more about the event and the organizations that benefitted from this fundraiser 

Saree Run Partner Organizations- Co-sponsors and Beneficiary Organizations 

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One day we received a phone call from this association and they were looking for a volunteer teacher to teach a monthly class for the blind, virtually! A lovely volunteer teacher Tiffany Evans offered to teach. Being in CA, the time difference worked well and she was able to conduct these sessions for the entire year of 2022. Arva Yoga was blessed to be able to match a need with a volunteer.

Bucks Blind Association - Monthly Series by Tiffany Evans

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Vai Haridas teaches from the heart and offers a style of Yoga Asana that is calm and intentional. Her facilitation style is knowledgeable and creates a space of inquiry for her students to dive deeper into their practice. Working with Vai to create the Rise, Recover, Live Yoga Series was a collaborative experience that gave The Phoenix community more insight as to what Yoga is through a contextual lens. In partnership with The Phoenix, a sober, active, community, Vai was able to expand her reach at Arva Yoga to folks in recovery. She is passionate about her craft and offers a safe space for folks to practice as they are without pressure to achieve a certain posture. Vai is a joy and her mission at Arva Yoga is opening the doors to more accessible Yoga. The Phoenix is very happy to partner with Vai and help shift the narrative as to what Yoga looks like in the Western World.

Sophie Lyons, Virtual Program Coordinator at The Phoenix 2/14/22

The Phoenix 2022- 3 part series


We conducted a workshop in March for families to learn about the benefits of yoga. About 10 families attended this workshop. We were fortunate that another volunteer teacher Abigail Enders wanted to volunteer to teach Yoga for Special needs on a regular basis. She conducted sessions over the course of 2022. These sessions were well received and here are some testimonials from attendees.

"It was very nice and useful. My kid liked it."

"It was informative. Hope you can extrapolate the benefits to more kids"

"The workshop was wonderful - Sowmya has a lot of insight that can only be gained from working with and truly opening up to people with special needs. I loved her observation about resting poses that often do not allow for optimal oxygen intake and moving your head from one side to the other in the happy fish pose to increase oxygen in different parts of the brain. Abigail has wonderful energy and it is encouraging and exciting that she is also a behavioral therapist.Thank you so much!!!"

"i learnt lot about how to get joint attention from my child while doing yoga. I learnt signing while yoga helps to grab attention of my child."

"It we very useful and my son liked it so much"

Yoga for Special Needs- Workshop and subsequent Monthly Series

On behalf of all the children at the Shanti Bhavan residential school for poor children outside of Bangalore, India, I would like to thank the awesome Arva Yoga instructors and their friends and families for raising funds through the Saree Run as a gift to Shanti Bhavan! You are our Champions!! Be well and stay in touch -- as this is Shanti Bhavan's 25th Anniversary Year! - Suzanne Young, Director of Development, Shanti Bhavan, May 2022

About the photo- Arva Yoga Volunteer Arya Haridas handed a check for $2700 that supported a child for entire year! On behalf of the organization, Shilpa Anthony Raj graciously accepted the amount.  Shilpa Raj penned a poem appreciating the gesture and that was read out at the Saree Run event. Learn more about Shilpa's story by watching award winning Netflix documentary Daughters of Destiny and see how the Saree Run Fundraiser supports children like Shilpa!

"Every Sari tells a tale

Of Yesterday's child and tomorrow's woman

She shuffles through a deck of roles

mother, sister, friend and wife

A goddess and a giver of life

And in it, she wrapped her dreams, tucked her secrets into each fold and threw the lightness of its strength across her shoulder. The sari shone on her like armour. Each day brought a new fight and she welcomed it like a self-made warrior.:- Shilpa Anthony Raj, 2022 Saree Run.

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