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Online Classes Instructions

In 2020, pretty much all of us have gained expertise in using online technology platforms like Zoom. However, it would be great if you can read some of these simple reminders to make the best of your online yoga session.

·       You should have received a Zoom link for the class when you registered. Note that Zoom works best on laptops vs mobile devices, especially for a yoga class.

·       Please come early (3-5 mins) and adjust your camera in a way that the instructor can see you entirely - while lying down/sitting/standing. 

·       If you have background noise, we request you keep your video on but the microphone turned off. 

·       For security reasons, please "Rename" yourself on Zoom to reflect the name on your online booking. 

·       Please wear loose and stretchable clothes suitable for practicing yoga asanas.

·       It is recommended that you do not eat at least an hour before the session.

·       A yoga mat, if you have one, is the only prop needed. And if you don't have one, that is completely ok too- the floor works just as well! In addition, a regular blanket and a cushion, are nice to have, and we may use them occasionally! 

Lastly, as much as we think we have control over things, 2020 has surely taught us to be flexible. If there are any unforeseen technical difficulties during the session, please look for an email or text on status updates.

We thank you for your support! See you on the mat!

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