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Arva Yoga is now an established 501(c)(3) organization!

On the wonderful occasion of Gudi Padwa, Arva Yoga was determined by IRS as an approved non-profit organization. The work of Arva Yoga starts now!

Here are the various ways you can benefit-

1) Check out Yoga Sessions tab on the website for free or sliding scale donation based yoga classes. New series for Beginners titled "From Couch to Yogi in 3 months" will be announced shortly as well as a Chakra Balancing Series for intermediate practitioners.

2) Recorded sessions are available on Arva Yoga YouTube Channel. Do subscribe and hit the bell icon for the channel for additional YouTube Videos will be posed shortly and you don't want to miss out on the notifications. These sessions are theme based and for you to practice anytime during the year.

3) If you are a non-profit organization doing amazing work, feel free to contact Arva Yoga for setting up free yoga sessions for your members and volunteers! We would love to collaborate for greater good:)

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